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Melissa Cameron, BA

Melissa is an Organic Master Gardener and founder of The Good Seed. After a successful career in highrise urban residential development, she decided to pursue her passion for growing food and educating others on the benefits of local food.

Food security and its integration in urban planning and community development are of great importance to Melissa and she is also an activist who supports backyard hens for city dwellers.

"My first memories of my childhood garden were of cherry tomato plants. One year, my dad even sent one to me at camp, wrapped in a loving letter. Watching him in the garden it seemed he moved endlessly and tirelessly, caring for the living plants and soil. It took years before I grew my own vegetables and learned the challenges and rewards experienced in the garden. Our home garden is a place of family gathering, of living creatures that create the wonderful soil where plants grow, of working meditation and of connection to the mysteries that help a delicious carrot grow from a tiny seed to a large and tasty wonder."

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Cameron Couchman, MES, BA

Cameron has a Master's of Environmental Studies in Urban Permaculture Design from York University and is an Organic Master Gardener. His area of study focuses on local soil health and carbon sequestration in exploring more resilient food systems.

Soil health, food forests, and keyline design are concepts of particular interest for Cameron, drawing much of his inspiration from the work of such commendable figures as Elaine Ingham, Eric Toensmeier, Toby Hemenway, and Kristin Ohlson.

On days like today, Cameron spends much of his boundless energy on permaculture theory, design and practice. By emphasizing multi-functional perennial plants, we can restore biodiversity, tackle the climate crisis and be rewarded with nutrient-dense food!

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Nikoletta Sahan, BSc.

Nikol graduated from the University of Guelph with a degree in Organic Agricultural sciences. She has worked in lead positions in both horticultural and food cultivation fields within Toronto. She is currently starting up her own farm which she hopes will grow into a self-sustaining, organic production system. Although her farm is located outside of the city, she is also very interested in the urban agriculture movement and enjoys sharing the knowledge she has with those interested in getting their hands dirty